A Year After India Revoked Kashmir’s Special Status, Kashmiris Worry About a Demographic Shift

Since 1947, August has been an inauspicious month—a month of disempowerment and suppression—for the people of Kashmir.

The most recent setback came a year ago, on Aug. 5, 2019—the day the Indian government revoked Kashmir’s special status by abrogating Article 370 and 35A, diluting whatever limited autonomy still existed on paper. (India’s military presence had already gave them a lot of control.) Article 370 allowed Indian-administered Kashmir to retain control over all areas barring defense, communication and foreign policy. Article 35A ensured that only Kashmir’s “permanent residents” could own property.

The revocation was yet another step towards completely annexing Kashmir—a move used to garner popular support in India at the expense of Kashmiris. The consent of the governed, which is essential in a democracy, is not at all a concern for the Hindu nationalist government of India when it comes to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which includes the Kashmir valley.


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