Damaging The Political Struggle In Kashmir

Today, Kashmir has a complicated story. Those involved in the ‘armed struggle’ are not likely to give up doing so for the fear of becoming irrelevant, losing their power and running afoul of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and on the other hand, despite the unending damage that the ‘armed struggle’ is doing to the political struggle in Kashmir.

On 24 Thursday, 24 September, Kashmir witnessed the blood of innocents being spilled in violent incidents, as militants opened fire at a lawyer, Babar Qadri, in Srinagar and killed in the most gruesome manner. On the same day, a CRPF ASI was also killed by militants and his rifle was snatched at Chadura area of Budgam district.

This is not the first occasion wherein innocent civilians have been killed or injured by militants and neither is it likely to be the last for occurrence of a tragedy of this nature. Whenever such an incident takes place, militants quickly blame the same on retaliatory actions by security forces or the police. However, since there is no mention of any retaliatory firing by the CRPF or police in the two attacks, it is obvious that militants are responsible for the civilian deaths and injuries. And this makes one wonder as to why those who call themselves ‘freedom fighters’ and claim to be fighting to give Kashmiris a better life are killing the Kashmiri people so frequently?


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