Grave Injustice with Unemployed Youth of J&K

Kashmir has remained under a lockdown since august 5 last year. All modes of communication were shutdown and internet blocked. The internet speed is still restricted to 2G only and most of the people haven’t been able to access basic information on how they can protect themselves form the Coronavirus. The economy of Kashmir region has suffered approximately 20,000 crore loss since 5th of August 2019. Now the ministry of home affairs has introduced a new Domicile Law in Jammu and Kashmir UT  which now formally allows people from outside Jammu and Kashmir to apply for jobs in the region. The worst thing is class 4 jobs (like junior assistant and constable), have been reserved for native people and gazetted jobs have been opened up for people from across the country, including people domiciled in Jammu and Kashmir.  According to the law people who have resided for 15 years in Jammu and Kashmir or have studied for seven years and appeared in class 10th and 12th examinations in an educational institutional located in Jammu and Kashmir are now eligible to become a permanent residents. 

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