Journalists have died for their reporting in Indian-administered Kashmir. But since last year, few dare to print the truth

In the basement of a Srinagar hotel last summer, hundreds of journalists in Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir jostled to report the most important story of their generation.They queued for hours to use one of just four computers with an internet connection for an allotted 15 minutes, in a city thrust into an unprecedented communications blackout.On August 5, 2019, the Indian central government cut the internet, phone lines and cable connections to suppress dissent, and to prevent an anticipated violent pushback, as it stripped the state of its special status, and deployed tens of thousands of troops in the region.Journalists were not excluded from the shutdown. Newspapers went offline. For weeks, print editions did not run. Five days into the shutdown, the Editors’ Guild of India released a statement urging the government to restore communication.

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