Kashmir protests erupt after alleged cover-up of death in custody

Indian police accused of killing shopkeeper and then staging it as an accident.

Police in the Indian state of Kashmir have been accused of killing a young man in their custody and then staging his death as an accident.

Protests erupted in the conflict-ridden state after details of the allegations concerning the death of Irfan Ahmad Dar, a shopkeeper, emerged on Wednesday. In response, the government cut off the internet in his hometown of Sopore.

The family of Dar, 23, have alleged he was arrested on Tuesday and then tortured in police custody. Dar was dead within hours of his detention.

According to police, Dar died trying to escape from police custody. “Taking advantage of darkness and terrain, he managed to escape,” police alleged. They said his body had been found near a stone quarry, but did not state a cause of death.

The police claimed Dar was working for insurgents and that two Chinese-made grenades were recovered from his possession. However, this version of events was disputed by his family and called into question by politicians.


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