Killing militants or killing militancy? The internet and Kashmir

gust 2019, a blanket communication blockade was imposed across J&K with landlines becoming nonfunctional and a mobile connection (prepaid or postpaid) being rendered useless. Over the next few weeks, certain security officials’ mobiles were ‘white-listed’ and landline services were resumed. By the middle of October 2019, postpaid mobile phones were made active, and by the end of the year, mobile internet in the UT of Ladakh was allowed. It took nearly five months for the Supreme Court to issue a directive on 10 January 2020, that the right to internet access was a fundamental right protected under the Constitution and that the internet restrictions in Kashmir must be reviewed. This resulted in low speed mobile internet being allowed and two months later, in early March, limited broadband facilities being restored. However, a year later, 4G mobile internet remains off limits.

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