‘Nine Days After Centre Scrapped Article 370, I Was Detained’: The Story of a J&K Journalist

My detention made headlines across the world but till date, I do not know why I was kept locked in a police station for over 24 hours.

Srinagar: I was trying to put my six-month-old daughter Sawdah Binti Irfan to sleep with a lullaby. No phones were ringing, there was no internet and the time was exactly 11.40 pm when my sister shouted from downstairs that the military had come to our home.

It was August 14, 2019, the ninth day of curfew in Jammu and Kashmir following the Union government’s move of reading down Article 370 that guaranteed special rights to this Muslim-majority state, including the right to its own constitution and the autonomy to make laws on all matters.

I quickly got out of bed and my wife followed me. We left our daughter alone on the bed. As I appeared at the main entrance, I saw a group of military personnel.

“Are you Irfan Amin Malik?” a senior military personnel asked.

“Yes,” I replied.


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