Pandemic, Unemployment, Career Instability and Mental Trauma

The staggering high unemployment and career instability is contributing to the heightened mental struggles and depression among youths. The present Coronavirus recession has added fuel to the fire. The unemployed are stressed and anxious about their future prospectus. The youth are feeling career instability considering that no one really knows how long the economic recession will last or how deep it will go and many feel that their own careers may not be so stable over the long run. 

Educated youth are tittering from unemployment from past so many years .Careers of thousands of educated youths are at stake. The high degree holders are tempted To get class 4th job. To make things more worse, we don’t mingle Or touch the way we used to. We don’t spend time together the way we used to.
COVID-19 will forever be remembered for how it impacted our lives and caused so much deaths. It will also be remembered for stunning levels of job loss and struggling economy. It will be remembered for stay-at-home orders, masks and remote work. It will also be remembered for significantly contributing to an increase in depression. The social and economic fissures exposed by the pandemic resulted in mass unemployment, depleted social safety nets, starvation, increase in gender-based violence, homelessness, alcoholism, loan defaults and millions slipping into poverty. This will be a fertile breeding ground for an increase in chronic stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol dependence, and self-harm; leading to an overall rise in morbidity, suicides and the number of disability-adjusted life years linked to mental health.
Unemployment among youth is burgeoning in J&K. In J&K unemployment and mental depression among youth is at it’s peak. Depressive disorders are among the most common mental health problems among youth which in the long run have resulted in many Suicidal attempts. The high unemployment rate among emerging adults is a substantial public health problem. .As per Economic survey Report, the unemployment rate in J&K is higher than the average national unemployment rate, with J&K having 24.6% population in the age of (18-20 years) unemployed which is far more than all India unemployment rate of 13.2% . More than 1.5 lakh postgraduates and above are jobless and find no avenues for their settlement.
Mental, physical and social health are vital strands of life that are closely interwoven and deeply interdependent. Due to continuing conflict in Kashmir during the last 30 years there has been a phenomenal increase in psychiatric morbidity. Kashmir has been regarded by many as Heaven on Earth . It ’s splendid beauty and hospitable population is legendary. Over the past years Kashmir became associated with violence which resulted in political instability. The whole term impact of this instability lead to unemployment.
The disease of unemployment in J&K kills mental, intellectual and physical capabilities of youth. Every passing day adds to the quota of unemployed youth and this serious matter have left everyone educated youth in the dilemma , despair and hopelessness and undermines social fabric of society.
Keeping in view the evil effects of unemployment, it is not difficult to understand the cause of widespread drug abuse and people responsible for it. Sorting out the effects of unemployment in mental health is complicated by the fact that cause-and-effect relationship can work in both directions : Unemployment may worsen mental health, and mental health problems may make it more difficult for a person to obtain and hold a job. Unemployment leads to decline in the standard of living .

Stigma and Loss of Esteem

Becoming unemployed can result in a drop in status among friends and family & in turn the community at large.

Loss of Social Contacts

Loss of job typically means a loss of contact with working colleagues and shrinking of social networks.
For people living with mental trauma, employment and career stability may bring a lot of well-being and may even help to promote recovery.


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