TLI Exclusive | 27 Years On, Victims Of Sopore Massacre That Left 57 Dead, Await Justice

It has been 27 years since the 1993 Sopore Massacre befell the quaint north-western apple town of the Kashmir valley.

A glaring example of the use of brute and violent force by the Indian Army in the Valley, it refers to the morning of 6th of January in 1993 when the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) went on a fevered 4-hour-long killing spree leaving 57 people dead and over 400 buildings charred and rubbled.

Of a land burdened with remembrances of many bloody carnages such as GawkadalHandwaraKunan PoshporaKupwaraBijbehara, the Sopore massacre is one of the rare few that have been acknowledged by the Indian state.


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