Video openly calling for demographic changes in Kashmir goes viral

Srinagar: A right-wing “research platform” is blatantly advocating demographic changes in Kashmir in a video made in an extremely acerbic tone while calling for the attention of Indians to “a civilizational battle” in the valley.

Titled ‘What do Kashmiri Hindus want from fellow Indians? Kashmir a Civilizational battle’, the video was uploaded on Twitter by ‘Upword’ on October 4 and since then over 50,000 people have watched it with hundreds retweeting it on the social media platform.

‘Upword’, according to its website, is a ‘research platform’ aimed to “eradicate intellectual imperialism” in India.

Addressing the Hindus in India, Ashish Dhar, co-founder of ‘Upword’ who identifies himself a Kashmir Hindu Rights activist, says in the video: “Kashmir is as much yours as it is ours. Now that Article 35A and 370 have been made inoperative, it is imperative that the step is taken to its logical conclusion, which is to alter the demographic composition for the state to neutralise the extremist mindset that has taken hold of the people of the valley.”

Dhar tries his best to get the attention of viewers by telling them that “ultimately, we are a reminder of what may happen to you if you continue to live in denial.”

“We are proud inheritors of a glorious culture that has been systematically destroyed over several centuries,” he says.

He then goes on stating four things “Kashmiri Hindus want from fellow Indians”. The suggestions are communally charged and openly call for settling “all Hindus” in Kashmir to change its demographic composition.


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